Bongo Bongo

If you’re a fan of the Mashed Radish, you’ll definitely want to fire up some episodes of Bongo Bongo.

Magnet Media brought to my attention Bongo Bongo, a weekly web series from PBS Digital Studios whose host and writer,  Ethan Fixell explores “the etymology and cultural impact of popular words we use.” (You had me at PBS.) It airs every Tuesday, and its most recent show heats up on the origin of “fire”:


It’s a fun, frenetic, and info-stuffed four to five minutes with a big and busy personality. But don’t try to keep up and take notes. Simply enjoy Ethan’s colorful associations, goofy humor, and actual treatment of the word’s history. I especially appreciate the show’s refreshing assumption of  your intelligence and curiosity.


3 thoughts on “Bongo Bongo

  1. Cute for teenagers. The pacing is a bit fast for me. But good idea to help kids take an interest in words. Funny part about firing or shooting arrows. What would be the proper command to give?


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